The Best Teams Ever

Md Redaon Ali
General Manager

Hi, I had architecture & interior design degree in takurgaon polytechnic institute. I have more experience python in php via data scrape. I can tackle short time more larger project.

Engr. Zulfecar Haider
Director & Adviser

Managing director at al-amin builders admin at tourist of bangladesh country manager at g.A. London ltd project manager at upwork manager at odesk former it manager at english in action studied at Daffodil International University.

Md Fakhrul Alam Yamin
Web Developer

I am passionate full stack web developer with 2 years experience of web development. I will give modern, responsive, fast, dynamic web service world wide.

Md. Shamim Hossain
Director & Adviser

I am MD. Shamim Hossain adviser at Sadia IT Solution. I am also the CEO at Ormbd.Com, a large lead generation company, identifies your ideal prospects. We provide email leads around the world.

Md. Seyadul Islam
President of Financial

Hi I`m Md. Seyadul Islam President Of Financial at ‘Sadia IT Solution’ & Propitor at ..M/S Mashud Traders.. “Dutch Bangla Bank Agent Banking” I am a lead generation expert with 2 years experience. I have more experience Data Entry , web research and email marketing. I can tackle short time more larger project.

Ahad Ali Lalin
Sr Marketing Officer

I am Lead Generation expert . I can take More project in Leads generation market

Sumon Doherty
Marketing Director

Hi there, I am a professional "Lead Generator" "Photo Editor" "Web Researcher" and "Data Entry" expert. I have proper experience in this fields. I Believe in quality work and I do quality and i want my buyer satisfaction properly , I like highly challenging work, my specialty is always making and looking for something new.

Md. Washim Akram
Director of leads sales

Hi I`m Md. Washim Akram ‘Sadia IT Solution I am a lead generation expert with 2 years experience. I have more experience Data Entry , web research and email marketing. I can tackle short time more larger project.

Md. Mizanur Rhahman
Chief Marketing Officer

I am Lead Generation expert. I have complete Grajuation CSE in 2003 . I can takle More project in Leads generation market

Most. Khairuma Aktar (Moni)
Co-coordinator of leads

My name is Most. Khairuma Aktar (Moni) . I am On last 3 Years part time job !

Md Hasan Ali
Sales & Marketing Manager

I am Lead Generation expert Hasan. I have complete Grajuation Softower Engineer in 2018 . I can takle More project in Leads generation market

Director of Higher lead Scraper

I have experience with Lead Generation/Lead Research. I have More experience with Graphics Design (Lebel 1 Completed). I completed My Diploma In Engineering (Electrical) 2017 .I study at CSE department at World university.I am working at Sadia IT Solution. My title is Director of Higher lead Scraper.I am also working at Picotechnology.My title is Wordpress Devloper

Subol Roy
leads Manager
Mailing Addressvillage: Dokhin Bahagily Bill para . Post : Moynakury-5320 . Kishorgonj, Nillphamari .
Mobile No1794854695
SkypeSubol roy
Most:Shahanaj Parveen
Director Digital Lead Business
Village: Rampura Rangpur, P.O: Rangpur Sadar-5400, P.S: Kotwali, District: Rangpur.
Most Shahanaj Parveen
Marketing Manager with lead Demand
Village: Uttar Singergari Purbopara, P.o: Singergari 5320, P.s: Kishorigonj , District: Nilphamari.
Md. Habibur Rahman
Director of Digital Lead Demand

I am Lead Generation expert. I have complete Grajuation Electrical Engineer in 2018 . I can takle More project in Leads generation market

Village: Magura Pir Fokir Para, P.O: Magura-5320, P.S: Kishoreganj, District: Nilphamari.
Md. Habibur Rahman
Md Farhad Alam
Marketing Director

I am Lead Generation expert. I have complete Graduation  CSE  Engineer in 2018 . I can tackle More project in Leads generation market

Md Farhad alam
Village: Uttor singergari pathan para, P.O: Singgergari-5320, P.S: Kishoreganj, District: Nilphamari.
Farhad alam
Abdur Rahim
Marketing manager

My name is AB Rahim !

Md Juel Islam
VP of Marketing

Hi my name is Md .Juel Islam.I working From Sadia IT Solution.My title is Vp Markeding.I am a expert Lead Generation. Ihad Done Grajuation Business Managemant

Village: Parer Hat, P.O: Singergari - 5320, P.S: Kishoreganj, District: Nilphamari.
Md.Juel Islam
Md Abid Ali
Village: Saidpur, P.O: Saidpur - 5310, P.S: Saidpur, District: Nilphamari.
Abid Ali
Lima Akter
VP of marketing

Lead Generation, Graphics Design, Web Design

Village: Utholy, P.O: Banda, P.S: Kalia, District: Norael.

Marufur Rahman
VP & Director of Digital marketing

MST Rumana Akhter

Hello ,

My name is Rumana  Akhter (Ruma) . I have 10 years experience leads generation filed 

Anwar Hussian
Marketing Manager

Web Research, Lead Generation, Data Mining, Data Scraping, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Mobile No8801779141573


Md Rayhan Habib
Marketing Manager

 My name is Md Rayhan  Habib 

Habibullah Habib
Coordinator of sales

My name Is  Habibullah habib . 

Md. Salim Reja Sarker
Marketing Coordinator

My name Is  Selim Reja Sarker!

Md.Menhaj Islam
Marketing Coordinator

My  name  Md.Menhaj Islam . I am expert Online research for email contacts

Md Abdul Aziz
Marketing Manager

online research for email contact information from a given list of prospects  diligent and organized -basic data entry and organization on excel

Md Saiful Islam
Data Scraper of Leads

More expert data scraping 

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Mailing List Development

The Developers have a Mailing List used for communication and discussion

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B2B Email Database

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Contact Submission & Email Marketing

Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users can set up a contacts-based workflow to send a follow-up email based on specific criteria.

Data Extraction & Data Entry

Find over 1000 jobs in Data Extraction and land a remote Data Extraction freelance contract ... Labview Program for auto-login/password entry and data logging.