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Singergari (Parerhat), Vinno Jagot Road, Kishoreganj, Nilphamari.

"Sadia IT Solution leading More Higher professional 100 Plus in Officially & remotely"

Established 2010

About the CEO

Md Rayhan Miya serves as Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sadia IT solution. a leading provider of professional, technology, and management services to Largest IT Firm in Bangladesh. I am a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduate.

Sadia IT Solution leading More Higher professional 100 Plus in Officially & remotely .I’ve been a member of Upwork (formerly oDesk) since 2012. I have tackled different jobs resulting in 250+ jobs and 7000 + hours while maintaining my Top Rated Status throughout the last 12 years.

Rayhan Miah, CEO
Rayhan Miya
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Our Services Offered


Web Design & Development is the best web design and development company in World which also provides top rated web hosting BD, web hosting Bangladesh & domain.

Contact Submission & Email Marketing

Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users can set up a contacts-based workflow to send a follow-up email based on specific criteria.

Mailing List Development

The Developers have a Mailing List used for communication and discussion

B2B Email Database

Our Business Email Database 2019 is an impressive medium that will help you with your business marketing. We provide top quality data on your needs.

Data Extraction & Data Entry

Find over 1000 jobs in Data Extraction and land a remote Data Extraction freelance contract ... Labview Program for auto-login/password entry and datalogging

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness with LinkedIn Ads. 2x higher engagement. 3.5x higher CVR for B2B. Reach decision makers

Data Mining & Data Collecting

Data is the hot new thing, and as such it has spawned a bunch of new terms and jargon, which can be pretty hard to keep track of. To help you

What Our

Clients Say.

"The team is fast-paced and handled a larger volume of work with ease, and met the deadlines. I never had to do follow-ups with them either. They also did some rework that was needed and turned it around quickly. Rayhan is quick to reply to any communication."
Shakun Banthia
"Md created a wonderful 800 Lead Prospecting list for me with verified emails and phone numbers. This is the 8 or 9th time I have worked with Md. His work is accurate, thoughtful, effective and extremely timely! Thank you"
Robert Pruitt
"Very fast, talented and efficient. I will be working with this freelancer again. I was very much impressed with the quality of work. Absolutely pleased with the quality of work produced through our contract. Highly recommended!"
Mike Johnson




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